MSI A6000-239US Overheating


So the yellow dot is where the fan in squirrel cage is located. The cage fits into a perfectly sized tunnel nice and tight that vents out of the case. Following the bronze heat bar from its attachment to the cage/heat sync we come to the CPU marked with a blue dot. Then on up the heat bar is the 1080P video chip marked with a red dot. So this thing was overheating in about 45 minutes to the point that it would shut itself down. I found a few others with the same problem online. No solid answers but one guy said he had repaired over 50 laptops and was sure it was dried out thermal paste causing the problem. Others were leaning more towards excessive dust build up. So first I blew it out good with caned air but it wasnít that dirty. This led me to think it was the thermal paste issue. So I proceeded to remove the five tiny screws that secured the heat bar to the CPU and video chip. Then I gently pulled it off and slid the fan and heat bar assembly to the right and out of the tunnel. Didnít even need to unplug it, rather I just flipped it towards me and laid it on the table. This exposed both contact points on heat bar and CPU/video. The thermal paste was blue on the video chip and had some fabric like it had been a pre made blanket. It was dry and rubbery and way too thick, probably more of a detriment to heat transfer than an aid. I peeled it off and spread on a thin layer of arctic 5. The CPU had a white thermal past and so much that it had squished out the sides excessively. I was able to clean it all off with a coffee filter and applied the arctic 5 thermal paste in a thin layer. After reassembly the notebook was running a good 45 to 55 degrees cooler than before and Iím anticipating no further overheating. This is too good a notebook to toss aside just because it's out of warranty and overheating so fix it if you have this problem.